Westminster Hall, Bloomfield College

Date of Construction: 1891 & 1902
Historic Architects: Arthur B. Jennings & John F. Capen
Historic Designation: Contributing Structure in Bloomfield Green National Register Historic District
Size: 18,000 S.F.
Number of Roofs: 72
Client: Bloomfield College


Westminster Presbyterian Church is now used as The Van Fossan Theatre and constructed to the east a few years later is the Jarvie Memorial Building now used for classrooms and reception space. A cloister construction connects the two wings. The building was acquired by Bloomfield College in 1966. The church (Van Fossan) was renovated in 1989 to serve as the. The building is in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and features locally quarried ashlar stone walls and red slate roofing.

Roof Replacement and Associated Repairs

  • Condition Assessment Report
  • sUAS Condition Survey
  • Construction Documents
  • Structural Assessment and Design
  • Stained Glass Restoration
  • Material Analysis
  • Cost Estimating
  • Bidding and Negotiation
  • Construction Administration