Trenton Battle Monument Improvements —
Warren and Broad Street, Trenton, NJ

Project Information
Construction:  July 2020 -March 2021
Monument Height:150 Feet
Year Constructed: 1893

Architect: John H. Duncan

State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection

The Trenton Battle Monument is a triumphal column of granite. It uses the Roman Doric order with a large base decorated with acanthus leaves. The capital has a ring of stars surmounted by egg & dart molding, with a large abacus, which forms an observation platform with railing.

The Improvement work was designed to mitigate the severe moisture problems at the Battle Monument. This was achieved using a ventilation and heating system with sensors to provide automated opening of louvers at the entrance and observation deck doors. New electric service was added. The old corroded elevator was removed exposing the original elevator engine room. The light fixtures & electric conduit were replaced. The masonry was restored with lead caps & repointing on the interior. The ladder has been cleaned, repainted with a new small swing stage installed for maintenance access to the observation deck above, where the 13 light fixtures have been replaced below the statue of George Washington.