Cleaning Test

Historic Paint Analysis

Material Conservation

HBA’s Material Science Laboratory provides material characterization and analysis that not only assists in a remedial and preventive treatment plan tailored to your structure but also provides a better understanding of the architectural element’s original appearance and basic properties.

Our in-house lab is equipped for a full range of analytical services that can

  • Identify building materials, their failings, and how they function in historic building systems
  • Identify, match, and replicate historic finishes such as paint schemes
  • Evaluate and match historic mortars and stuccos
  • Evaluate the movement of moisture and salt deterioration in building materials
  • Measure moisture levels in buildings

Our conservators and mobile lab can also conduct

  • Water vapor transmission testing
  • Cleaning tests
  • Open exposure windows through existing finishes to reveal historic paint schemes

All testing and analytical methods comply to the American Society for the Testing of Materials Standards (ASTM) and/or the NORMAL standards.