Preservation architects increasingly use non-destructive technology to see and understand what is going on within the concealed building envelope. Just as there is a great deal of concealed "information" beneath the human skin, there is a great deal of concealed information about a building within its walls. Health care professionals increasingly use technology-for example, scans, ultrasound, and scopes-to see what is going on beneath the skin and within the human body. HBA acts as the "general practitioner," providing some technical services in-house and then partnering with specialists who employ sophisticated diagnostic tools such as radar, infrared, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDS).

While HBA increasingly uses such technology to help diagnose all the causes of a problem, the value of the technology can only be realized with the combined experience of the HBA team. We provide strong and fiscally responsible leadership for the consultant team. Collaboration is key to understanding the conditions and making sound recommendations for necessary repairs and upgrades. The ultimate goal is to avoid surprises during construction that can escalate cost.


State of the art tools reveal hidden conditions