HBA will work closely with you to create a strong vision for your property and thereby ensure that it is used and enjoyed by future generations. Creating a powerful vision will yield important benefits: successful fundraising, stakeholder support, timely and appropriate intervention plans, and a fiscally responsible phased approach to repairs and improvements.

Planning can take various forms: Preservation Plans, Condition Assessment Reports, Historic Structure Reports, and Schematic Designs. HBA works with you to develop a customized approach to planning. By providing a clear vision for the future, this approach builds real consensus among the stakeholders. The overall result is a detailed plan which will ensure that your property receives excellent treatment and care. To create a vision for your property, you need a team of experts. HBA provides a talented team of consultants, carefully selected to provide the necessary specialized services. Moreover, HBA is one of a very limited number of architectural practices equipped to provide in-house architectural and material conservation services.


A vision for your property's future