You will need to raise funds to perform proper planning, develop drawings and specifications, and carry out construction projects. HBA is committed to assisting you with finding the necessary funding. If you apply for funding for the planning process, HBA will review your grant applications and provide advice based on our previous experience. Moreover, HBA prepares excellent planning documents that will enable you to secure capital construction grants.

Specifically, HBA leverages its extensive experience to guide you efficiently through the grant application process. In recent years, HBA clients have obtained substantial grants from such key funders on the national level as ISTEA (Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act), The National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Treasures of America; on the state level from the New Jersey Historic Trust and Pennsylvania Partners for Sacred Places; and on the county level from, for example, Somerset, Bergen, Essex, and Morris (in New Jersey). A complete list of publicly funded projects is available upon request.


Seeking funding opportunities