HBA is unique in comparison to other architectural practices because we focus on preserving the design philosophy and intent of the original architect or builder. Thus, our mission is to listen to your needs and then design the right enhanced environment for your intended uses within the historic context. New design should never detract from the existing architectural design; it must always respect and enhance it. So, HBA has to weave the best of the existing fabric together with the new elements required for use today. The completed project will exhibit a cleaner, safer, and more accessible building while preserving its historic values and authenticity.

At HBA the key to successful design is in the details. No two properties are the same and, therefore, each problem and its causes need to be identified and understood before appropriate repairs can be custom-designed. This is why preservation architecture is labor-intensive. Accurate drawings and specifications result in successful projects. In addition, all documents go through a peer review process to ensure that they are easy to understand and also address all the conditions in need of repair or alteration.


Harmonizing old & new with meticulous detail