Historic Building Architects (HBA) provided quality control services for Integrated Construction Enterprises, Inc. for the exterior restoration of the Foley Square Federal Courthouse. Designed by Cass Gilbert and built in 1932, the Courthouse is one of the most important historic structures owned by the Federal Government in New York City. It includes a distinct gold pyramidal roof made of gold and green glazed terra-cotta and stepped granite masonry walls extending up to the 36th floor.

HBA’s responsibilities included regular site visits to review the quality of the masonry repointing and to provide guidelines to ensure that high standards were maintained on this large masonry restoration project. Mortar analysis was completed by HBA and test samples were analyzed during construction to verify mortar consistency. HBA mapped out and evaluated the building’s history of water leaks, and prepared recommendations for the restoration of the stepped masonry cornices, through-wall flashing, and improved water drainage. A primary area of the restoration was the terra-cotta cornice at the base of the pyramidal roof; new terra-cotta pieces were custom ordered and the existing terra-cotta was removed, the flashing restored, and the new terra-cotta installed.

Foley Square

New York, NY

Preservation Plan, Exterior Restoration, &
Structural Stabilization