Gustav Stickley, the leading advocate of the American Craftsman Style, built Craftsman Farms in the New Jersey Highlands in 1908. He used simple natural materials—chestnut logs, fieldstone, and green glazed roof tiles—to keep the house in harmony with its rural setting. The main log house, “T” shaped with a one-story kitchen attached at the back, is a designated National Historic Landmark. Today, Craftsman Farms is a museum that celebrates Gustav Stickley and his highly innovative and influential design work.

HBA completed the Phase III restoration work on the museum, funded by a Treasures of America Grant. The investigation phase included resistance drilling to determine the interior condition of the logs. The construction work entailed several important activities: surgically replacing the deteriorated logs with salvaged chestnut logs; restoring all the diamond-shaped, wood-paned casement windows and associated hardware; performing paint analysis; regrading the soil near the house to provide barrier-free access, making safety improvements at the steps, and repairing the roof gutters and eaves framing. On the interior, Stickley’s complex finishes were restored in several rooms and electrical rewiring and fire safety upgrades were completed.

Craftsman Farms

Parsipanny-Troy Hills, NJ

Material Analysis Investigation,
Phase III Restoration